Eyes on the Prize

Determination is a word I have been thinking about a lot lately. What does it mean? What sets us back on a journey of determination? How does it feel when you reach a goal you have been determined to reach? How does it feel everytime you set a goal for yourself you’re determined to reach but it doesn’t happen in your timing?

I have been determined to reach many goals in my life, which I started out working towards very well. However, due to a very low self esteem caused by life’s circumstances and not knowing my true identity, I wasn’t very good at finishing. I would start out super excited and motivated but as I saw that things weren’t happening fast enough, I would slowly start losing hope. As I lost hope the motivation and enthusiasm would start to fade away, I’d feel like a failure and then eventually just give up. Now I have had to ask myself was I really determined? I guess not! The problem with this is that in order to succeed at anything you need to be determined to finish no matter what it takes.

The difference between the possible and the impossible is a man’s determination – Tommy Lasorda

Let’s take a look at the meaning of the word Determination:
1. the quality of being determined; firmness of purpose.
“those who succeed because of sheer grit and determination”
synonyms:resolution, resolve, resoluteness

2. the process of establishing something exactly by calculation or research.
“determination of molecular structures”
synonyms:calculation, discovery, ascertainment, establishment, fixing, deduction, divination, diagnosis, discernment, check, verification, confirmation
“the first determination of the speed of light”

Here we see that determination involves standing firm in your purpose, having sheer grit and researching ways to make it happen. This means that when we have a goal to reach, we do whatever it takes and find a way to make it work for us, by being determined, and never giving up.

When we are chasing for a goal we are bound to make some mistakes along the way, as we learn what works and what doesn’t. The important thing to remember is that failure doesn’t always have to have a bad stigma attached to it. Failure is how we learn and grow, here is where we find out what doesn’t work. If we give up there, how will we find what does work?

Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.” Abraham Lincoln

My Grandson, who is now 7 months old, is so determined to stand on his own. I have watched him as he tries to do that. I felt so proud of him as he tries and tries, then looks around for another way if he can’t get it right. He just doesn’t stop until he actually gets up to the side of the couch holding on. While hes trying, his determination is so strong I can almost hear him giving himself a little pep talk telling himself he can do this. When he falls, he cries a little and then he goes at it again immediately. When he does he is overjoyed. Then he looks up at me, gives a proud laugh and smile. I was blown away at how determined he was, literally not giving up until he stands. It got me thinking, we all need to be like this, with this level of determination, doing whatever it takes and not giving up until we’re there.

In my online beauty business I have set myself a huge goal, which requires reaching a series of smaller goals. Some months were tougher than others to reach those goals and I was really forced to work on my mindset and allow God to move in that space. I am determined to make a huge success of it and I have tried and tested, I’ve risen after every failure, and I’ve kept beating at my mindset and allowing God to change me.

Since I have decided I am going to be a determined person, I have seen a definite change in getting closer to my goals, I refuse to give up. My first short term goal was to reach LOI qualifier and I smashed that goal on Friday. I have a long term plan in this business, for my ministry and for my life and I am determined to reach the top. This requires a winners mindset, winners are determined, they train hard and when they fail they get up and train even harder!

Determination is one of the keys to success, we need to keep our eyes on the goal and do whatever it takes to get there. When we fall, we need to rise and keep going, learning along the way!

One thing I have enjoyed about moving over to a determined mindset is that I have learnt things that I never would have learnt if I had given up! How will you ever know if it’s possible if you give up? The journey has been incredible so far.

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Luke 21:19

Stand firm and you will win life

For me, my ultimate goal is to share my story through my business, my blogs and be travelling the world spreading the gospel, sharing the love of God and helping others find their identity. That is my prize, for the glory of God!

What goal are you determined to reach?

Are you really determined to reach it?
Are you going to do what it takes to get there?
Are you going to rise again when you fall and never give up?

Give these questions some thought and make the necessary changes keeping your eyes on the prize!

Much love