Look Forward in Hope

If there is one thing that I could say has really held me back in my life it is regret.

Regret of the mistakes I made in the past, regret of the things I didn’t do when I was younger, regret of a life wasted in looking for a sense of belonging in all the wrong places. Whenever I was alone with my thoughts I felt myself drifting off into this rut of regret.

It was a turning point for me when I realised the more I held onto and lived in regret, the more regret I was adding to my life. It was holding me back, it was a constant state of disappointment and depression. I was stuck in a place of just looking behind me and every day that passed by was a day wasted.

Once we are saved and we become a follower of Jesus, looking back to our worldly selves is not an option. Jesus paid it all for us, He died on a cross to save us from this very thing. Jesus brings us into newness in Him and we need to keep looking forward to the promises and plans God has for our lives.

When Lot and his wife were gracefully allowed to escape the destroying of Sodom and Gomorrah. God gave strict instruction for them to keep moving forward and not to look back. Lot’s wife, however, stopped to look back and she turned into a pillar of salt. In this moment, she turned away from God’s plan for her life. This is a story that can very much be applied to our lives today. Jesus told us to remember Lot’s wife.

Luke 17:32-33 MSG
“Remember what happened to Lot’s wife?
If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.”

When we’re holding onto the things of the past we’re doing life on our terms and it won’t be a life well spent. If we dont consciously make an effort to move out of this space, we will get stuck there.

We add more to our future when we stop looking backward with regret and start looking forward with hope! Every day is a new day with a new opportunity of its own to present us with. When we look forward, we start dreaming, and working towards those dreams and we find something worth living for. We get life on God’s terms and the plans He has for our lives.

Friends, I want to encourage you today if you’re holding onto regret, let it go. When you find yourself drifting into that space, stop right there and realign your thoughts to God’s plan for your life. Look forward in Hope!

Much love