What you say after “I am..” matters

I used to be a person who had an incredibly low self esteem, so low I would cover the mirrors in my house until I needed to use them for makeup or when someone came to visit. When I did, I would look at everything that was wrong with me, telling myself I didn’t like this or that!

I decided I didn’t want to feel this way anymore after I met God, and so i uncovered all the mirrors and every time I walked past one I made a point of stopping to find something I like about myself, even when I noted a flaw. This filtered through into my thought life over the years.

I learnt that the conversations we have with ourselves in the mirror regarding our self worth are way more important than the conversations we have with others. You see what they say about you doesnt matter, but what does matter is what God says about you and what you say about you. When we look in the mirror we should be saying the things that God says in His word to ourselves.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

God doesn’t make mistakes,He made all of our features uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully. our eyes, our hair, our nose, even my special chin.. hehe.

What we say after the words “I am” is probably the most important words you will say to yourself, as they will build who you are. If we say ” I am ugly” we will look and feel ugly BUT if we say ” I am beautiful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made” we will look that way, feel that way, speak that way and send off messages to others to feel that way too!

Have good conversations with yourself in the mirror, ones of light and life! Use positive words after the words “I Am”. Be intentional about it!

Much love